Ceramic Heaters

traditional fan heaters

Ceramic heating strikes the balance between power and energy efficiency, through its self-regulating capability. Depending on the temperature in the room, it adjusts its output accordingly, drawing only the energy required to maintain an ideal temperature. The air in the room is channelled through a Positive Temperature Coefficient heating element, rapidly heating the air, which is then distributed into the room, providing a fast and efficient heating and evenly warming the room.

Thanks to the ceramic heating element, an ideal level of comfort is guaranteed, while the overheat protection avoids glowing or accidental overheating. The perfect temperature, at the perfect efficiency level.

Waterproof protection for safe use

The fan heaters are equipped with special waterproof protections which make the appliances suitable for us in the bathroom with maximum safety standard.

eco energy

Protection against vertically falling water drops

eco plus

Protection against splashing water


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