Pyrolytic Oven DE60PYROS

This product is now discontinued

  • Anti-Fingerprint Stainless Steel

    Anti-Fingerprint Stainless Steel

    The special anti-fingerprint easy care stainless steel finish assures a perfect appearance to the oven, even during use and reduces cleaning operations to the very minimum.

  • Door and Oven Cooling

    Door and Oven Cooling

    Delonghi ovens are equipped with an innovative cooling system for both the door and oven The door cooling system ensures the external surface of the door remains cool.

  • Self Cleaning (Pyrolytic)

    Self Cleaning (Pyrolytic)

    Pyrolysis is a total self cleaning process, no chemical or cleaning agents required. The Pyrolysis process uses intense heat to incinerate even the most stubborn fats or oils in the oven into a fine ash, all you need to do is wipe ash away.