Pyrolitic Oven DE91PYROS

This product is now discontinued

Pyrolysis is a total self cleaning process, no chemical or cleaning agents required. It uses intense heat to incinerate even the most stubborn fats or oils in the oven into a fine ash, all you need to do is wipe ash away.
•9 oven functions including fan-forced, grill and Rotisserie.
•Fully programmable electronic clock and timer with blue LED display
•Adjustable electronic pre-set cooking temperature functions for each illuminated cooking function
•Precise electronic temperature controls from 40ºC - 250ºC
•Anti Fingerprint stainless steel
•2 x 25W internal cavity lights
•Grill Power - 4,150W PYROLYTIC CLEANING
•3 hour self-cleaning program
•Automatic safety door lock in Pyrolytic cleaning mode
•Air cleaning catalyser cleans the air as it exits the oven
-Pizza stone - 2 wire racks
-Roasting/Grilling tray - Grilling rack
-Baking tray