60cm 7 Function Pyrolytic Built-in Project Oven DE607PSCP

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  • Durastone Plus Enamel

    Durastone Plus Enamel

    High glass content enamel baked at over 800°C produces a smooth enamel that food and grease can’t stick to. No need for chemicals, simply wipe clean with soapy water after use. 

  • Fan Forced

    Fan Forced

    When using the fan, different foods such as fish, cake and meat can be cooked together without the mixing of smells and flavours

  • Door And Oven Cooling

    Door And Oven Cooling

    Ensures optimum efficiency of the oven while minimising heat transfer. A Cavity fan draws cool air in through the base and door, circulates around the oven, and expels from the top of the door.

  • Pyrolytic Self Cleaning

    Pyrolytic Self Cleaning

    A pyrolytic oven is an oven that can clean itself by heating the inside of the oven to a temperature of 500C, which causes the build-up food and grime to turn into ash. This can then be simply wiped off with a moist cloth eliminating the use of harsh chemicals.