Factory Second: Upright Electric Oven DE60E

Freestanding Ovens

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All Factory Seconds are in perfect working order, but may have: slight cosmetic imperfections, be a previous year's model, an ex-display item, refurbished etc..
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Hi - Light Element
Hi - Light Element

The heating element is formed of a coil of resistant material which reaches the working temperature quickly

Residual Heat Indicator
Residual Heat Indicator

The residual heat indicator is a safety feature showing which hob remains hot.

Door and Oven Cooling
Door and Oven Cooling

The oven cooling system is designed to minimise heat transfer, by circulating a cool air curtain around the oven. The door cooling system ensure the external surface of the door remains cool. Air is drawn in from the bottom of the oven door, up through the door and around the oven cavity, vertically expelling the air up towards the rangehood.

  • Dimensions (w x d x h cm): 90-92 x 60 x 60