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Stylish cleaning

Making a mess in the kitchen is easily done. Now De’Longhi makes cleaning up just as easy.


A dishwasher to fit your kitchen

De’Longhi’s stylish range of dishwashers are engineered to perform to a high standard, with fewer moving parts to ensure greater reliability and longevity. Increased water and energy efficiency saves you both time and money. Available in a range of installations and sizes, a De’Longhi dishwasher is sure to be a welcome addition to any family home.

Key features


Cutlery tray

Free up space with a separate tray to load cutlery. Includes a dedicated spray jet and spacers for a superior clean.


Flexible loading

Lift-up loading system in upper baskets and fold down cup and plate supports allow for more room for larger items.


Triple stage filtration

The advanced filtration system consists of three grades of filters to trap even the smallest of particles for a thorough clean.


Aquastop safety hose

Ensures inner hose leaks are contained by automatically cutting off water supply to the dishwasher if a leak occurs.


Enhanced washing performance

Low energy and water usage without compromising on performance. Powerful blade spray arm technology targets all dishes.


Brushless Vario Speed motor

Brushless Vario Speed (BLDC) motor technology provides durable, reliable power with the added benefit of lower noise levels.

NEW technology for a better wash

The breakthrough 360° Innowash spray arm system uses two rotating axes to ensure superior results. Water is sprayed in all directions and not just up and down to reach all corners of the dishwasher. Every item receives an excellent clean, every time.

  • NormalWash


  • Innowash


Available on DEDW6015INS and DEDW6015INFI models only


You can purchase a De’Longhi Dishwashers from any of these leading retailers.