90cm 5 Burner Black Glass Gas Cooktop DEGHBG90

Gas Cooktops

This product is now discontinued

  • 5 Burner gas cooktop with heavy duty cast iron trivets
  • Light the flame with a single push of the knob thanks to Automatic Ignition
  • Dual Ring Burner for rapid cooking and even heat distribution
  • Safety valve immediately stops gas outflow if the flame extinguishes
  • Easy to clean smooth side glass base
Instant Ignition
Instant Ignition

With just the push of a button, an electronic device causes a continuous series of sparks to quickly and easily ignite the selected burner.

Dual Ring Burner
Dual Ring Burner

A powerful dual ring burner provides heat from two fire crowns with a dual control for even heat distribution, making it perfect for wok cooking.

Cast Iron Trivets
Cast Iron Trivets

Cast iron pan supports provide stability for pots and pans. They are easy to clean and long lasting, providing a professional look for years to come.

  • Dimensions (w x d x h cm): 90 x 51 x 6.3
  • Auxiliary Burner LPG (mj/hr): 4.2
  • Auxiliary Burner NAT (mj/hr): 4.2
  • Semi Rapid Burner LPG (mj/hr): 6.2
  • Semi Rapid Burner NAT (mj/hr): 6.6
  • Rapid Burner LPG (mj/hr): 10.78
  • Rapid Burner NAT (mj/hr): 11.75
  • Dual Burner LPG (mj/hr): 13.5
  • Dual Burner NAT (mj/hr): 16.2
  • Total LPG Gas Consumption (mj/hr): 34.68
  • Total Nat Gas Consumption (mj/hr): 38.75

Cooktops Frequently Asked Questions

For frequently asked questions about Cooktops such as:

  • The graphics appear to have worn off the glass
  • The elements turn themselves on and off. Why is this?
  • There is a metallic sheen on the glass
  • The elements do not work at all. Why is this?

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