5 Burner 90cm Electronic Gas Cooktop DEGMATIK90

Gas Cooktops

This product is now discontinued

  • 5 Burner gas cooktop with Wok support and intuitive touch controls to set auto-off timer
  • If burners are accidentally extinguished, can automatically re-light thanks to Automatic Re-ignition
  • Child safety lock and safety valve to immediately stop gas outflow if the flame extinguishes
  • Thermal shock resistant ceramic glass, easy to clean
Automatic Re-ignition
Automatic Re-ignition

When the burners are running and are accidentally extinguished, they will automatically re-light to continue your cooking.

Child Safety Lock
Child Safety Lock

A simple electronic control cuts off the controls and the ignition of the burners, making this cooktop safer for families with children.

Electronic Touch Timers
Electronic Touch Timers

Intuitive touch controls to set an auto-off timer up to 6 hours per zone. Alternatively, a countdown timer can be set with audio signal reminder.

  • Dimensions (w x d x h cm): 90 x 51 x 54
  • Auxiliary Burner LPG (mj/hr): 4.2
  • Auxiliary Burner NAT (mj/hr): 4.2
  • Semi Rapid Burner LPG (mj/hr): 6.2
  • Semi Rapid Burner NAT (mj/hr): 6.6
  • Rapid Burner LPG (mj/hr): 12.2
  • Rapid Burner NAT (mj/hr): 11.75
  • Triple Ring Burner LPG (mj/hr): 14.1
  • Triple Ring Burner NAT (mj/hr): 13.7
  • Total LPG Gas Consumption (mj/hr): 36.7
  • Total Nat Gas Consumption (mj/hr): 36.25

Cooktops Frequently Asked Questions

For frequently asked questions about Cooktops such as:

  • The graphics appear to have worn off the glass
  • The elements turn themselves on and off. Why is this?
  • There is a metallic sheen on the glass
  • The elements do not work at all. Why is this?

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