MultiCuisine FH 1396.BK

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  • Maximum food capacity: 1.7 kg of  potatoes; 1.5 kg of frozen potatoes without adding oil.
  • Only 14ml of oil needed for 1kg of potatoes!
  • Professional Multi-cooker (potatoes, frozen potatoes, pizza, cake, risotto, stew, fish, meat and much more).
  • Surround Heating System double pro (SHS double pro), to guarantee: Excellent cooking performance: food is crispy outside and tasty and juicy inside; Rapid cooking: time saving; More recipes: cooking experience.
  • Upper tubular sheathed heating element (1400W) for convection and grill cooking
  • Lower tubular sheathed heating element (800W) to improve the speed and the feasible recipes
  • Automatic mixing process.
  • Recipes selector knob: 4 pre-set programs (potatoes, pizza, cake, stew, NEW GRILL FUNCTION) and 3 special programs (pan function, oven function, grill function).
  • Digital control panel: to set the power level and the cooking time.
  • Mixing paddle: to mix food during the cooking process.
  • Removable mixing paddle: this gives the possibility to cook also in a static way (essential for the delicate food).
  • Bowl with a non-stick and anti-scratch ceramic coating.
  • Complete transparent lid to monitor cooking process.
  • “Cool touch” walls.
  • Easy to clean: lid, paddle and bowl are removable.
  • Accessories: second bowl with flat bottom, without  perturabator  and mixing paddle, stainless steel grill accessory