Distinta Moments & Gran Lattissima

Celebrate every moment
Distinta Moments is an elegant breakfast collection with the touch of Italian styling designed to help you celebrate every moment.
A sophisticated fusion of square and circle, Distinta Moments, is a bold fashion statement allowing you to introduce authenticity to your home, the extension of your own style.

Sunshine White and Sunset Black, two stylish colours epitomising transformation: the energy of the day ahead or the intimate musing on the verge of the night. Their smooth, matt-textured metallics further help to add the special finishing touch to your space.

Lazy or hectic mornings, a lavish homemade breakfast to allow you the time anticipate the day ahead. A late evening tea or coffee to reflect upon the finishing day. The Distinta Moments collections will turn simple everyday memories into amazing ones that you and your loved ones will cherish.