Vento Oil Column Heater 1500W with Timer, White V550715T

Oil Heaters

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  • Long-lasting warmth thanks to the long thermal inertia of the oil inside the unit
  • Uniform warmth distribution throughout the room thanks to the unique shape of the outlets that reproduce the "Venturi Effect"
  • 24-hour programmable timer improving comfort level, and optimising energy consumption
  • Easy to move thanks to pre-assembled folding wheels

Exclusive to Bunnings Warehouse

24-Hour Timer
24-Hour Timer

24-hour timer, to easily programme operating time, improving comfort level, and optimizing energy consumption.

“Venturi” Effect
“Venturi” Effect

Thanks to the unique shape of the Ventos outlets, the air heated inside the radiator gets hotter and is discharged faster, for even distribution through the room

Easy Wheels
Easy Wheels

Ready to use and easy to transport, thanks to the innovative pre-assembled folding wheels.

Heating Chamber
Heating Chamber

The air flow passes through the “heating chamber” inside each single element, turning warmest in the higher part of the element, just below the top of the unit

  • Dimensions (w x d x h cm): 64x37x14
  • Rated voltage/Frequency (V~Hz): 230~50
  • Castors: Yes
  • Cord storage: Yes
  • Fins (n): 7
  • For rooms up to (m³): 45
  • Heating power - Max (W): 1500
  • Heating power - Med (W): 800
  • Heating power - Min (W): 700
  • Room thermostat: Yes
  • Timer: Yes

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