DL Oil Column Heater 2000W with Timer, White DL2001T

Oil Heaters

This product is now discontinued

  • Long-lasting and uniform warmth distribution throughout the room thanks to the thermal slots designed to increase heat distribution and have a cooler surface for more safety
  • 24-hour programmable timer improving comfort level
  • Easy to move thanks to pre-assembled folding wheels

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24 Hour Timer
24 Hour Timer

24 hour timer to easily programme operating time.

Thermal Slots
Thermal Slots

The fins incorporate ‘thermal slots’ that are designed to increase heat distribution through convective air movement, and lower surface temperatures for increased safety. 

Room Thermostat
Room Thermostat

Adjustable room thermostat to set and automatically maintain the desired temperature.

Easy Wheels
Easy Wheels

Ready to use thanks to the pre-assembled snap-lock castors.

  • Dimensions (w x d x h cm): 63.0x43.0x15.0
  • Rated voltage/Frequency (V~Hz): 230-240/50
  • 24-hour timer: Yes
  • Castors: Yes
  • Cord storage: Yes
  • Fins (n): 9
  • Heating power - Max (W): 2000
  • Heating power - Med (W): 1100
  • Heating power - Min (W): 900
  • Room thermostat: Yes
  • Switch with indicator light: Yes

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