Air purifier, heater and cooling fan, Black HFX85W20C

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  • Air purification filter

    Air purification filter

    360° double layer particulate air filter. It purifies the air removing up to 99.9% of fine particles such as allergens and pollutants*

  • Heating mode

    Heating mode

    Clean, warm air, for the perfect comfort zone, head-to-toe. Gentle, even warming for all-round comfort

  • Cooling fan

    Cooling fan

    Clean, cool gentle and even air, for the perfect comfort zone. No cold blasts but enveloping head-to-toe comfort

  • ECO Function

    ECO Function

    Exclusive ECO function allow energy consumption to be optimised when on heating mode and guarantees the correct level of comfort. It automatically modulates the heating power and the fan speed

  • Safety System

    Safety System

    Electronic safety system that automatically switches the device off in case of accidental tip-over

  • Adjustable airflow speed

    Adjustable airflow speed

    It can increase or decrease the fan speed according to the required level.

    Cooling fan: 1-10 levels.

    Heating: 1-6 levels.

  • Oscillating base

    Oscillating base

    Motorised oscillation naturally circulates the clean, warm or cool air throughout the entire room.

  • Countdown timer

    Countdown timer

    Programmable timer to automatically delay start or delay stop. Choose between 7 intervals from 30 minutes to 12 hours.