Energy saving

air conditioner without outdoor unit

Since 2005, it has been mandatory to provide customers with information about air conditioners' energy efficiency. The machines shall bear the following label in a visible place:

  • Energy class (from A to G)
  • Annual energy consumption in cooling mode (in kWh)
  • Cooling power in kWh
  • Type of air conditioner
  • Heating power in kW
  • Heating energy class (from A to G)
  • Noise levels in dB

To determine an air conditioner's energy class we refer to the EER parameter (Energy Efficiency Ration) and, on the basis of the value of this parameter, a class is established (from A to G).

The Pinguino air conditioner is the only one to use a completely natural and non-toxic coolant, propane R290, which does not have harmful greenhouse gas effects, contrary to other, synthetic gases.

Monobloc air conditioners are checked according to specific test conditions set out by European Technical Regulation EN14511. The test conditions are: room temperature of 35°C, room relative humidity at 40%. The machines are operated at these conditions, and the following are calculated:

  • maximum cooling power;
  • maximum consumption. Both values are expressed in Watts.
The water-air Pinguino is exempt from energy labelling, therefore there is no regulation setting out its efficiency calculation. But in actual fact, it is very powerful and consumes little.