Personalise your machine

The Machine

Completely Personalised.

At your local café the coffee may vary from one day to the next. With any one of the De’Longhi Fully automatic Coffee Machines, you can save your preferred settings and get the perfect cup every time. Program settings allow you to set the Grinder, length of pour “Milk and Coffee”, the coffee strength, cup size and the amount of froth you want in your milk. The De’Longhi range of machines offers a choice of varying interfaces, sizes, designs and functions. There is a machine to suit every home, office and budget. .

The Machine - completely personalised

The Machine - completely personalised


The latest in De’Longhi technology.

The Thermoblock heats up water for infusing coffee and creates the steam for texturing milk. The advanced Thermoblock Technology can either heat water for coffee or pressurise to create steam up to 145° at 15 bars. Designed to be both energy and water efficient, the Thermoblock adjusts to use only what is needed to make the programmed cup.

The Machine - completely personalised

Infuser Unit

The heart of the machine.


Created by De’Longhi, this is the heart of the machine. The infuser is where the perfectly ground beans meet with the ideal temperature water. The infuser pushes the water through the grind at the optimum pressure to maximize the extraction of flavour.

The more you use the machine the better it gets (seasoning the coffee machine). The infuser is easy to clean - just run it under cold water, no mess no fuss.

Freshly roasted beans are the best

Always Fresh

Freshly roasted beans are the best.

Keeping your beans fresh by storing them in an air-tight container is important for taste. Within seconds, De’Longhi Fully Automatic Machines grind the beans and then extract the flavour through infusion. This delivers a fresh tasting coffee every time.

Only with a Fully Automatic Machine can you select your preferred coffee blend - there are no limitations. Buy your favourite bean and enjoy them freshly ground in your own kitchen at a fraction of the price you pay in a café.

A mixture of Arabica and Robusta beans are ideal for a woody flavoured flat white. A 100% Arabica bean blend delivers a fruitier, smooth taste perfect for a short black.

Conical Burr Grinder

Conical Burr Grinder

Better Accuracy & Consistency.

De’Longhi grinders give you the accuracy you need to get a great and consistent cup. Making sure that the beans are ground consistently means a better tamper for easier extraction and an improved flavour. Made from stainless steel, this grinder is the envy of coffee makers everywhere.

Instant frothing device

Instant Frothing Device*

The best in the market.


The IFD is the fastest way to perfectly heat and texture milk, which is then poured directly into your cup. In 45 seconds, quicker than most kettles boil water, you have the perfect cup - making it ideal for entertaining.

*Not applicable to all machines

Made in Italy

Made In Italy

One of the oldest coffee houses in the world.

De'Longhi is one of the oldest coffee houses in the world. The first in the Australian market and leader since then. All models are 100% designed and engineered in-house by the De'Longhi Group.

The Bean

The Bean

Regions where the bean grows

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The Cup

The Cup

A Barista-like experience

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