Perfect results with PrimaDonna Elite

Perfect results

Always the best quality in-cup results

The perfect Espresso

Compact with a nut colour crema

Balanced and long lasting taste

Dense and rounded body

Rich and roasted aroma

The perfect Milk drinks

Compact and soft froth

Foam volume 1,5 times the liquid part

Perfect temperature

To always have the best quality in-cup result


The authentic Italian recipe served in a small cup.


The International version of the Italian espresso: lighter, with a balanced taste and a thin layer of crema.


More than a double espresso made with an extra quantity of coffee powder and a deep pre-infusion for extra aroma and energy.


Single espresso shot with an equal part of hot milk topped with maximum level of foam


Milk-based beverage prepared with a shot of espresso first and hot milk afterwards, creating a full coffee flavour even in the milk foam.


Creamy cappuccino made with a shot of doppio+ for extra aroma and energy.

Espresso macchiato

Single espresso shot with a dash of hot milk topped with foam.


Single espresso shot mixed with 3 times quantity of hot milk topped with a thin layer of foam.

Latte Macchiato

Single espresso shot with hot milk up to 220 ml topped with medium level of foam.

Hot Milk

White hot milk with the desired level of foam.

Flat White

Single espresso shot mixed with 2 times the quantity of hot milk topped with velvety foam and served in a ceramic cup.


Made by a dedicated special carafe*, adding powdered chocolate to milk, with the option to select the desired level of density (thick, medium, light).


Special coffee recipe made with a low brewing pressure to reach a delicate flavour and taste... For filter coffee lovers.

White Tea

Green Tea

Oolong Tea

Black Tea


Americano mixes the taste of an espresso shot with additional water for long-lasting pleasure.


Manual milk frother for a smooth and silky milk foam.
* special chocolate carafe available for ECAM 650.75.MS only

Primadonna Elite Range


ECAM 650.85.MS

4.3" Touch Screen Display
Bluetooth App Connection
Advanced beverages features

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