La Specialista

La Specialista

Designed in Italy, crafted by you.

De'Longhi - Specialista

Release your inner-barista and

Master the art of coffee making.

Hand craft a barista quality coffee

using café tools to experiment and

personalise each cup.

Specialista - Grinding


Precise grinding, amazing coffee.

Precise grinding is key in the preparation of espresso-based beverages to ensure the best result in cup. La Specialista Sensor Grinding Technology ensures the delivery of a consistent and optimal coffee dose for a high quality in cup beverage.

Specialista - Grinding
Specialista - Tamping


Correct tamping, unique aroma.

Tamping the coffee dose with the right pressure is crucial for an optimal coffee extraction. The Smart Tamping System ensures you can carry this out with consistency and ease; just by pressing the lever, the machine applies the right pressure to the dose.

Specialista - Tamping
Specialista - Brewing


Stable temperature, excellent flavour.

The perfect coffee extraction needs a stable brewing temperature. Active Temperature Control technology maintains the water temperature during the entire brewing process in order to guarantee the optimal extraction for ideal in cup result.

Specialista - Brewing
Specialista - Frothing


Velvety froth, perfect art.

With the Advanced Latte System performing latte art or creating a velvety foam for your cappuccino has became very easy. Simply choose between FLAT for steamed milk or FOAM for frothed milk on the steam wand selector, place the jug in and just wait until the desired result is reached.

Specialista - Frothing
Specialista - Variety


Your choice, your taste.

Let your creativity free! Designed for extensive versatility, La Specialista offers 3 pre-set coffee-based recipes directly in the cup, the personalisation of beverage length and the use of any cup thanks to the double height drip tray.

Specialista - Variety

Enjoy the art of making your coffee

  • Which coffee are you?
    Which coffee are you?

    La Specialista offers Espresso, Coffee and Long Black as pre-set recipes to be automatically prepared and delivered in your cup. For the Long Black, the independent water spout is designed to pour hot water into the cup before 2 shots of espresso is delivered.

  • Which coffee are you?
    Everything stays clean!

    Enjoy mess-free preparation!
    Grinding, Dosing and Tamping are performed inside the Smart Tamping Station so there is no risk of coffee wastage and the countertop always stays clean..

  • Personalising your beverage
     your beverage with
    the “MY“ button'

    The MY function lets you customise the lengths of each of the pre-set coffee recipes with ease for an even more personalised coffee experience.

  • Choose the cup you like
    Choose the cup you like

    Just by lifting the stainless steel tray under the coffee spout, cups up to 120mm height can be used for your beverages.

  • Tea and infusions
    Tea infusions dedicated outlet

    The hot water spout can be used independently to deliver hot water for your preferred teas and infusions.