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Scegli il tuo abbonamento caffè De' Longhi

From Bean to Cup

Quando i chicchi di caffè incontrano la tecnologia di una macchina per caffè in chicchi De'Longhi, la tua pausa caffè ha il gusto della perfezione.

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The secret to great coffee:

  • Caffè Crema
  • Caffè Selezione
  • Caffè Classico

Roasted to perfection, our range of premium coffee beans offers a smooth and sensory experience with every sip.



Get the most out of your machine with regular maintenance.

To ensure each coffee is as delicious as the last, your De’Longhi machine requires some tender love and care. Like any other machine, the better you look after it, the better it will work.

Our selection of easy-to-use products will help maintain your machine and ensure velvety-smooth coffee, cup after cup.




Handcraft your favourite beverages to perfection.

The tools to craft any beverage, from a refreshing iced coffee to a delicious long black or a creamy cappuccino. Explore our range of accessories to help you create coffee just the way you like it.