Check water

The quality of water is very important as it can be the cause of scale buildup, which can cause irons not to not work correctly; for example harder waters (> 25 °F) create more problems with scaling. A traditional iron is more subject to scaling problems than a steam generator system, because the steam is produced directly by the soleplate. Some products have permanent devices that use special resins in a traditional steam iron which act on the scale and reduce its formation.

So how do I know which water is the most suitable?

First step: find out how hard your local water supply is. With each new De'Longhi product you are provided with a water hardness testing kit, or you can contact our Customer Experience team. In case of very hard water (hardness above 27°F) we suggest using demineralised water diluted with 50% tap water: it is important not to use demineralised water on its own. Moreover, we recommend not to use chemical substances or detergents (e.g. perfumed water, essences, descaling solution, etc) and minerals or other types of water.

Why some types of water are totally unsuitable?
  • Water with additives: Ironing aids, fabric softener, perfumes, finishing, decalcifyer and vinegar should not be put in the appliance. These lead to residues in the iron soleplate which will damage the iron, soil the ironing soleplate and your laundry
  • Mineral water: the carbon dioxide will decompose the special coating inside the iron soleplate.
  • Condensation water from the dryer: water may contain particles, that may clog the iron and lead to a reduction in steam output