Smart tips

Without doubt, very often the first thing missing when ironing is enthusiasm. But you can make the experience less labourious by having what you need at hand, and making the process more rewarding when you see the final result.

Here are some tips to achieve the perfect result:

  • Ironing board The height should be adjustable and the ironing surface large and well padded. Avoid using reflective covers, as these can block steam penetration.
    An iron rest and a correct height setting is also important to maintain the correct posture.
  • Spray To "moisten" creases and eliminate them rapidly. Moisture protects from burning, prevents "shine" from forming on fabrics and avoids melting synthetic fibers.
  • Never iron any stains left on fabric, they could become indelible.
  • If you are in doubt concerning the best way to iron a garment you should test on a small hidden area of the fabric.
  • Never dampen garments excessively , instead adjust the steam setting.
  • Start ironing by sorting the garments according to the temperature required, beginning with synthetics that need lower temperatures and ending with linen and cotton which need higher temperatures.
  • Check the temperature suggested on the garment label, then set the lowest temperature indicated for that kind of fabric.
  • If you are using steam, you do not need to press the iron down. It is the steam power combined with the heat which will do the work, not the weight of the iron.
  • Do not spray silk garments because it might leave marks.
  • When ironing a bulky item, it may be useful to place a chair near the ironing board and fold the ironed sheets onto the chairs as you go.
  • To iron long dresses jackets and coats, use the vertical steam function.