Knowing textiles

  • Wool

    Steam garments without touching them with the iron and without stretching them. Iron bouclé wool from the reverse and without pressure to keep it soft.

  • Velvet

    Iron from the reverse to avoid flattening, then turn the right way out and steam the outside without touching with the iron.

  • Hemp and Cotton
    Hemp and Cotton

    Cotton, iron bright or dark coloured items from the reverse to avoid fading and ironing marks.

  • Jersey

    With knitted garments, it is important not to stretch the fibres. Iron along the length of the garment.

  • Synthetic

    If the garment is made of polyester, not a natural fibre, check the label before setting the temperature.

  • Linen

    Start ironing when the fabric is very damp and continue until it's dry. A burst of spray starch after ironing helps keep linen stiff.

  • Silk

    Cover with a cloth and at a very low temperature. Alternatevely, for a stiffer feel, iron inside out while still wet.