Pinguino Water-to-Air PAC W130HP

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- 4-in-1 product (cooling, heating dehumidification, fan): the air-conditioner for maximum comfort all year round

- Due to water high cooling capacity, the air-conditioner reaches an unparalleled cooling power: 13000 BTU/h

- Heat pump function: 13000 BTU/h

- It is able to cover rooms up to 120 cubic meters

- Refrigerant gas R410A

- BIOSILVER TECH System: high performance air-purifier with 3M electrostatic filter, antibacterial silver ion filter and ionizer

- When water finishes, the air-conditioner continues cooling using the air-to-air operating system

- LCD IR remote control and wide blue LCD display on board

- Operates on water for up to 10 hours (WATER SAVE function)

- SMART and SLEEP functions

- Separate dehumidifying function

- 24-hour digital timer

- Practical window bracket for use with sash-window or rolling shutter

(*) The values under the “TECHNICAL DATA” section refer to the following cooling testing conditions: 35°C / 80% RH

(**) The values under the "TECHNICAL DATA" section refer to the following heating testing conditions: 25°C / 78% RH