Pinguino Air-to-Air PAC T10HP

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- 4-in-1 product (cooling, heating, dehumidification, fan): the air conditioner for maximum comfort all year round

- BOOST Function: maximum cooling power of 10000 BTU/h)

- 2940 Watt heating capacity

- Energy efficiency class: A/A

- It is able to cover rooms up to 95 cubic meters

- It dehumidifies while conditioning, removing 35 l/day of excess moisture

- Exclusive condensate recycling system

- Dehumidifying function. It removes up 45 l/24 h.
Electronic humidistat to set the desired relative humidity, condensate water tray, built-in pump to continously drain the humidity

- BIOSILVER TECHSYSTEM: biological and electrostatic filters (against bad smells) and silver ions filter (to eliminate germs and bacteria)


- Wide LCD display with ECC (Electronic Climate Control)

- IR remote control with wide LCD display

- R410A refrigerant gas