Tasciugo AriaDry DEC 21

This item is no longer available

- COMBI FUNCTION: il collects up to 21 litres of moisture a day.
- Extractable handle.
- Large capacity tank: 4.0 litres.
- Humidistat to regulate the level of wanted humidity.
Room thermostat: to set and automatically maintain the desired temperature.
Double water draining system: it eliminates condenses in order to unload the removed humidity: in tank or uninterruptedly through an appropriate small tube.
High power HEATING FUNCTION: it ensures beneficial warmth, thanks to its double step (1250 & 2000 W) built-in heating element.
"Tank Control System": it interrupts the operation of the appliance when the tank is full. It works also with the continuous draining.
Protected and approved control panel against the fall of water drops and to operate in damp rooms.
Visible water level.
The electronic antifreeze allows the operation of the appliance also with the lower temperature (until 2° C).
Practical washable air filter: it filters the dust in the air.
Ecological refrigerant gas.