Tasciugo AriaDry Combi DE 350E

This item is no longer available

- COMBI FUNCTION: highest performance, removing up to 30 litres of excess moisture per day from the room.
- High capacity tank: 5.5 litres.
- Electronic humidistat: it automatically regulates the humidity rate in the room.
- Electronic thermostat: the room temperature can be easily and precisely set as well.
- 24 hours electronic timer.
- Electronic thermometer/hygrometer.
- Double condense elimination system to discharge the removed humidity: in the tank or uninterruptedly through the small pipe.
- Only heating function with 2 different power levels: 1250 and 2000 W.
- “Tank Control System”: the appliance stops when the tank is full. It works with the continuous drain discharge as well.
- Protected control panel.
- Visible water level.
- Electronic antifreeze device: it allows operating at low room temperature.
- Easy access washable air filter.
- R134a ecologic refrigerant.
- Practical handles and castors.