Breadmaker DBM450

This item is no longer available

- Produces an even baking temperature and reduces moisture with the special fan-assisted baking system.

- Automatically opens and dispenses ingredients at the appropriate time with the 4.5-ounce capacity ingredients dispenser.

- Removes easily from the loaf without leaving a large hole, and also incorporates all of the mix from the corners with the unique kneader.

- Easy-to-clean touch screen controls.

- Monitor the baking process with the interior light.

- Easily set your own time for each bread baking stage, from pre-heat to kneading, rising and baking, with 5 personal program settings.

- Quickly make your own bread in just under an hour with the 58-minute rapid bake function.

- Multi-function bread maker features 15 standard programs for bread, dough, cakes and jams.