Moka Pots

Brew rich espresso the Italian way with the De’Longhi Alicia, an elecitric moka pot made for traditional coffee lovers. 

Tradition meets modern practicality in this stylish aluminium moka pot from De’Longhi. Enjoy the easiest way to make typical Italian coffee, on any surface, at any time. With cordless operation, a detachable swivel base and a convenient keep-warm function, our machine takes the trouble out of making moka coffee. 

The brewing process of moka espresso is unique and fascinating to watch, and thanks to the transparent container on an electric moka pot, you can monitor the entire brewing process without removing the lid. Water is boiled in the bottom compartment, and the pressure of the steam forces it up through your coffee grounds and up into the top compartment. You have complete control over the flavor of your moka espresso — just choose your favorite bean, roast level, and fineness of grind.

The cool-touch base of a De’Longhi moka pot means you can take it anywhere, and use it on any flat surface. Each machine has a safety automatic shut-off so there’s no need to worry about your espresso burning, stewing or overflowing. Your moka pot also has a keep warm function so there's no rush — you can enjoy your espresso in your own time, the way you like it best.