Coffee Care Kit - Machine Cleaner and Maintenance Pack

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  • Contents: 
  • 1 EcoDecalk Mini (2x100ml): Essential for correct espresso machine operation over time. Improves machine energy, efficiency and taste.  
  • 1 Water Filter: Reduces limescale and improves the quality of the espresso and machine performance. 
  • 1 Milk Clean (250ml): Simple and effective cleaning solution to help remove milk deposits on traditional milk frothing and automatic milk frothing system components. 
  • Cleaning Items: Includes 1 microfiber cloth, 1 brush/spatula, 1 water hardness test, 1 cleaning and maintenance guide.
  • Long Term Benefits: Helps to keep the machine always efficient and prevents machine failues due to a lack of maintenance. 
  • Flavor Saving: Helps to preserve a good coffee taste.
  • All Products Can Be Purchased Separately.