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Goods Return Authorisation Process

DéLonghi and Kenwood strive for continual improvement and to this end are introducing changes to improve the processing of Goods Return Authorities (GRA's) on products returned within manufacturers warranty.

Effective from 1st August 2010 all GRA requests are to be directed to the DeLonghi Call Centre in Sydney. The Call Centre will receive, process and authorise GRA's.

GRA requests can be faxed to: 0508 200 301

Please see below the link to download a copy of the GRA request form which must be completed and accompanied by any relevant paperwork such as your store claim form and copies of receipts for any goods being returned within the manufacturers warranty period. Failure to include all relevant forms, paperwork and information will result in a rejected claim. This will be communicated back to the re-seller, and should then be re-lodged once completed.

Any claims that fall outside of these provisions will be considered on a case by case basis. In these cases, please contact the DéLonghi Call Centre on 0508 200 300. Please ensure you have all of the relevant information handy at the time that you call.

Our aim in introducing these changes are to streamline the process for resellers and provide a faster and more efficient service to our customers.

Goods Return Authority Workflow

Store / Customer to
contact DeLonghi on 1800 126 659


Refer customer to their nearest Approved Service Centre (ASC)


Customer service will attempt to resolve the issue by either:

  1. Educating the customer or providing spare parts
  2. Referring the customer to an ASC to inspect the product
  3. Or approving a replacement product at point of sale

ASC technician will inspect/test the product and conclude either:

  1. User miss-use found resulting in product failure
    * Customer is liable for any associated costs as agreed to with ASC)


  1. Manufacturing issue resulting in product failure
    * Any associated costs in repairing or replacing (at the discretion of DeLonghi) to be charged to DeLonghi.


If customer service have approved a replacement product, you will need to complete a GRA request form to submit to DeLonghi. DeLonghi will then arrange for collection of the faulty product and upon return will issue a credit note to the store.


Goods Return Authority Form

Please use the following link to
Download DeLonghi Kenwood Goods Return Authority Request Form