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Common FAQ's

  • How do I create a perfect and rich milk froth?

    • Use skimmed or semi-skimmed milk at refrigerator temperature (5°C).
    • On automatic cappuccino system you can also set your preferred froth level.
    • Milk deposit and dirt inside the milk circuit and tank can lower the frothing performances. Make sure to regularly clean the milk container following the user manual.


  • How frequently do I need to use a descaler and which kind of descaler product to use?

    • It depends on water hardness and on the usage frequency of the machine.
    • Some models are equipped with a water hardness tester to set the machine correctly.
    • Automatic machines (*) are equipped with a descale alarm.
    • A Descaling process on a non automatic machine is recommended after approximately 300 coffees or as soon as the performance levels drop on the machine.
    • Please use De'Longhi descalers only. Under no circumstances should you use sulphamic or acetic based descalers


  • Can I use any type of ground coffee to make an espresso?

    • No, only ground coffee can be used in espresso machines. Espresso requires a specific range of coffee grinding which is different to filter coffee or moka coffee.
    • Different types of grinding levels, even in the espresso range, can provide different tastes.
    • On fully automatic machines you can set your grinding level and taste preferences.
    • On pump machines the in-cup coffee flavour (stronger or weaker) can be adjusted by pressing the ground coffee differently inside the filter holder.


  • Can an air conditioner work on several rooms simultaneously?

    It probably can, but only if the two rooms are adjacent and there is good air flow between the two. However, portables are mainly designed to cool a single room.

  • What are the pros and cons of a portable air conditioner?

    Portable air conditioners are extremely versatile units that can be easily moved from one room to another. They are ready for use without installation. However, it is necessary for the machine to be near a window or French door to allow it, through the tube provided, to remove hot and humid air from the air conditioned room to outside.

  • What's the difference between a portable air conditioner and other types of air conditioners?

    Generally, air conditioners can be divided into three categories: Portables are a single unit, not fixed or mounted, and can be moved from one room to the next. Split Air Conditioners are equipped with one or more internal units fixed to the wall, and an external one. Finally there are climate control systems, designed to treat the air of an entire home or building.

  • What are decibels - dB(A)?

    The decibel is the international unit of measure for noise.
    40 dB(A) is the noise level inside a library;
    120 dB(A), on the other hand, is the noise produced by a plane during take-off.
    For each increase of around 3 dB(A), the noise we perceive doubles.

  • What is an oil-filled radiator?

    Oil-filled radiators are among the most common electric radiators available, and heat the air by convection. An electric heating element heats the oil inside the radiator, which then transfers heat to the radiant surface, where it is exchanged with the surrounding air.

  • How do I choose the product that best suits my needs?

    If you need instant heat for a short period of time, we suggest traditional or ceramic fan heaters. If, on the other hand, you need longer-lasting heat, we suggest fan coils or oil-filled radiators.When choosing the appliance, you also need to consider the size of the room it will be used in.

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