The “Perfect Oil Drain System” facilitates drainage of grease and fat, making cooking with the new range of De’Longhi grills 100% healthy. You can grill all types of food perfectly without the addition of oil or butter.
- One of 3 different settings may be selected, depending on the type of food: “contact” setting: to quickly grill hamburgers, chops, sandwiches, ribs and chicken; “overhead grill” setting: the top plate is slightly raised to cook pizza and fish fillets; “barbecue” setting: the appliance can be opened up, to double the grilling surface.
- The sloping plates facilitate drainage of cooking fat for healthier cooking.
- Practical removable fat collection tray, easy-to-clean and use. It collects fat from both plates.
- Thermostat with indicator light.
- Removable, non-stick cooking plates for easy cleaning.
- The appliance can be completely opened to double the cooking surface (22x30 cm).
- Practical cool-touch handle, perfect for grills and for press-sandwiches.
- Takes up very little space, may be stored in a vertical position.
- Power: 1600 Watt.