Stirella PRO1870XS

- Double on/off iron and boiler buttons
- Steam Ready in only 4 minutes
- Steam production: 130g/min
- 5 bar pressure in boiler for professional results
- Regenerating resins to reduce calcium deposits drastically
- BOILER CLEANING CAP: the special cap allows a thorough rinsing, thus reducing calcium deposits, for a longer life of the appliance
- Continuous refilling for an unlimited autonomy
- Stainless steel material boiler for a longer life cycle of the system
0.7 litre removable water tank
- Vertical steam emission to iron curtains, coats, etc.
- Exclusive button to obtain and keep a constant steam production
- Vertical rest position of the iron
- Safety thermostat
- Possibility to wrap the power cord and steam cord for easy storage and transportation
- Professional iron with Dual Vap soleplate
- Steam holes concentrated in the whole soleplate
- Trigger emission buttons are safely held by both left or right hand users
- Power 2200W