Pinguino Water-to-Air PAC WE125ECO

This is a discontinued product

  • GAS R290: natural, no-toxic and no-corrosive refrigerant fluid, it guarantees ecological and economic advantages
  • TURBO POWER FUNCTION: power up to 12500 BTU/h thanks to the exclusive combination of water and air functioning
  • WATER: it operates on water for maximum power; if there is no water left, it automatically switches to operating on air
  • AIR: it operates on air, when only normal cooling is required
  • WATER DESCALING FILTER: the battery is protected from the limestone of the water. After up to 750 hours of use in water to air mode, the user will be advised to change the filter
  • It is able to cover rooms up to 110 cubic meters
  • LCD infrared remote control and wide blue LCD display on board
  • Operates on water for up to around 6 hours
  • AUTO and SLEEP functions
  • Dehumidifying function
  • 24-hour digital timer
  • (*) The values under the “TECHNICAL DATA” section refer to the following cooling testing conditions: 35°C / 80% RH