Perfecta ESAM 5400

This is a discontinued product

  • New control panel

    New control panel

    Thanks to its simple but efficient digital controls, Perfecta allows you to prepare any kind of coffee, merely by pressing a botton. The simple pressure of the central part of the knob lets you increase or decrease the coffee aroma intensity. By rotating the knob, you can choose among short, medium or long coffee.

  • Cup Warmer

    Cup Warmer

    Practical cup warming plate, to keep your coffee cups warm, just like at the coffee shop.

  • Cappuccino System

    Cappuccino System

    The stainless steel Cappuccino System device is ideal to produce a rich, creamy froth for great cappuccinos

  • Water Tank Removal

    Water Tank Removal

    Water tank frontal removal, for the maximum ease of use.



    Practical cup warming plate,to keep your coffee cups warm,just like at the coffee shop.