Perfecta ESAM 5450

  • Display with icons

    Display with icons

    Thanks to its simple but efficient digital controls, Perfecta allows you to prepare any kind of coffee, merely by pressing a botton. The simple pressure of the central part of the knob lets you increase or decrease the coffee aroma intensity. By rota

  • New Cappuccino System

    New Cappuccino System

    The new Cappuccino System has a froth regulating system which allows to get a creamy froth for great Cappuccinos or very hot milk to prepare Italian-style Caffelatte.

  • Cup Warmer

    Cup Warmer

    Practical cup warming plate, to keep your coffee cups warm, just like at the coffee shop.

  • Water Tank Removal

    Water Tank Removal

    Water tank frontal removal, for the maximum ease of use.