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  • My fryer does not switch on. What can I try?

    The element of your fryer may not be seated firmly enough and therefore not engaging with the power supply. 

    It may be worth removing the bowl and lowering it back into the fryer before reseating the element.

    Check the element is flush with the stainless steel bowl. Your fryer should now function correctly.

  • Where can I buy filters for my fryer?

    Many new models have permanent filters which wil not require a replacement if they are cleaned regularly. However if you have an older model spares and accessories for De’Longhi products are available from De’Longhi Spares.

    Spares and accessories for De’Longhi products, including many older products, are available from De’Longhi Spares via their website at Alternatively they can be contacted by calling 0844 557 6438.

    In either case please have your model number ready when ordering, which typically can be identified on the underside of the unit.

  • What is the Total Clean system on a deep fryer?

    Model F34512CZ Total Clean This means that the deep fryer has a removable control module. Although this module has to be cleaned carefully and kept away from water, the rest of the fryer can be cleaned easily and even put into a dishwasher.

  • The oil is spilling over the top of my fryer. What can I do?

    There are several reasons this can happen.

    • Check the food is as dry as possible before placing it into the fryer. Mop up excess water from washing or pre-boiled food with kitchen towel or a clean tea towel.
    • Low fat oils have high water content and are not suitable for deep fryers as they can cause excessive foaming.
    • Check the level does not exceed the maximum level indicated and that you are not overfilling the unit.
    • Change the oil regularly. The frequency required will depend on the type of oil.
  • How can I filter the oil for re-use?

    The length of time oil can be used can be extended by filtering it through an oil filter paper, stronger versions of kitchen towel, or a fine sieve. Food particles left in the oil and reheated several times will cause the oil to deteriorate more quickly. Make sure the oil has completely cooled for several hours before attempting to do this.

    The amount of times oil can be used before discarding will vary according to the type of oil and the food cooked within it. For example, good quality corn or groundnut oil can be used up to 8-10 times, whereas rapeseed oil should only be used 3-4 times. If strong aromatic food is fried bear in mind that this can affect the flavour of other foods cooked in the same oil.

  • Can I deep fry frozen foods?

    Yes you can fry frozen foods. Just remember to shake off any excess ice before using them. Adjust the cooking time to ensure they are cooked all the way through.

  • Why is corn oil recommended for fryers?

    Other oils may cause foaming and unpleasant smells at higher temperatures. Corn oil will give up to 8-10 uses whereas other oils such as rapeseed should be changed after 3-4 fries. Olive oil and low fat oils should never be used for frying.

  • How do I clean my fryer?

    Model F26237Never start cleaning until the oil has cooled down. The Mesh, bowl and lid should all be removed (please note that on some models the bowl is not removable) and soaked in hot soapy water for 20 minutes. The mesh should then be cleaned with a stiff brush and the bowl with a non-abrasive cleaner. The outer body should be wiped with a damp cloth. If your fryer has the patented Total Clean system you can put everything but the control module in a dishwasher.

    Many of our fryers have an 'Easy Clean' oil drain feature. This will allow you to drain the oil into a container before cleaning. Please ensure the fryer is unplugged and the oil has completely cooled before using this feature.

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