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  • What type of oil is used in your oil filled radiators?

    The oil filled radiators are filled with diathermic heat transfer fluid. This will not need replacing within the product lifetime.

  • Do any of your heaters contain PTFE?

    None of the De'Longhi heater parts contain PTFE type materials.

  • How long is the cable on the De'Longhi heaters?

    Most Delonghi heaters have a cable approximately 1.5m in length.

    Extension leads are not be used with the heaters as their rating is likely to be inadequate for power level required.

  • What precautions should I take before using my heater?

    • Always check the appliance and the power cord for signs of damage or deterioration.
    • Never cover the appliance, even temporarily, to prevent the risk of overheating.
    • Keep the appliance away from flammable objects.
    • Completely unwind the power cord whenever using the appliance
    • Do not let water penetrate into the appliance
    • Make sure the appliance's rated voltage corresponds to the mains power supply.
  • Do I need to refill an oil heater or change the oil?

    The oil in our oil filled radiators is there for the life of the product. There is no need to change the oil or refill it.

  • How much does it cost to run my heater?

    It is very difficult to accurately determine how much it costs to run a heater within your own environment. It depends largely on the type of house, size of room and quality of insulation.

    However the maximum the heater will cost will per 1 unit of electricity per hour, per kilowatt of heat. For example, if you have a 2KW heater the maximum it will use is two energy units per hour. Oil filled radiators are more economical to run because they retain heat longer and power demand through the temperature control is called upon less frequently. Electric heaters heat only the room you are in and not the entire house, providing extra heat only where required and helping to optimise energy consumption.

    Electricity costs vary across suppliers. If you check your bill you will be able to find out how much you are paying per unit of electricity.

  • What are the power settings on my Dragon oil filled radiator?

    The heating power settings on the 2.5KW Dragon 4 oil filled radiator are as follows:

    Min - 1100W

    Mid - 1400W

    Max - 2500W

    The heating power settings on the 2KW Dragon 4 oil filled radiator are as follows:

    Min - 900W

    Mid - 1100W

    Max - 2000W

  • Why can't I use an extension lead with my heater?

    Please do not use an extension lead due to the risk of overheating.

    For an excellent guide on electrical safety in your home, please see the Electrical Safety Council's easy to use 'Socket Overload Counter' by clicking on the following link:


  • Will an oil filled radiator suit my needs?

    Oil filled radiators provide a most efficient and cost effective electrical heating solution for longer term use. They are ideal for larger areas such as living rooms or any area needing constant temperature and are set on castors for portability.

    They operate by heating oil sealed within the unit, this heat transfers to the outer metal surfaces to heat the surrounding air. The heated air rises to be replaced by cooler air leading to a slow warm air circulation in what is known as a convection cycle. This gives an even, comfortable temperature around the room.

    For oil filled radiators immediate heat does not feature but once temperature is reached the oil retains the heat and is powered down. An internal thermal control only calls for power after the oil temperature eventually drops. This provides an efficient, steady, silent operation, ideal for longer term use. Many models have a timer and ECO functions for increased user control.

    Once switched off the radiator’s retained heat releases slowly to give a gradual temperature reduction to the room.

    For more information please see our heating guide.

  • My oil filled radiator is supplied with a 10 year guarantee. Do I need to register it?

    You can register your purchase by clicking on this link or by clicking on the link at the top right hand corner of this web site. You can also upload your receipt of purchase during registration, which is particularly useful for the longer guarantees supplied Delonghi heating products.

    In the unlikely event you experience a problem with your product please take it to your nearest local repair centre. It is very important that you keep your receipt of purchase as this is required to validate your guarantee.

    A list of De’Longhi approved repair agents can be viewed by clicking on the following link:


    If there are no agents within 20 miles please email our Customer Experience team using the contact form. Please remember to include the model number and serial number of your product.

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