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  • Will a convector heater suit my needs?

    Convection heaters operate on the principle that warm air rises and they take advantage of the natural convection effect produced by warm air to distribute heated air throughout the room.

    They are light and easy to carry and can be wall mounted. They provide steady, silent heat. Some models come with fan assisted features to speed up heat distribution.

    They are ideal for medium-term use but they do not maintain heat once switched off.

    For more information please see our heating guide.

  • My convector heater has a metal frame but has no earth wire - Is this normal?

    Convector heaters are typically Class II appliances. This means they have double insulation. To confirm this there will be a symbol on the heater of a square within a square (see left). Double insulated or Class II electrical appliances are products that have been designed in a way so as not to require a safety connection to electrical earth.

    Class II insulation provides sufficient barrier to protect the user and are independently safety validated. 

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