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  • My dehumidifier collects a lot of water each day. Where does it all come from?

    Moisture levels in your home can come from a lot of different factors, such as:  

    · Cooking without an extract fan

    · Baths & Showers in a badly ventilated bathroom

    · Drying your washing on your radiators or similar

    · Unvented tumble dryers

    · Boiling a kettle

    · Climate factors outside of the house

    · Leaking or blocked guttering or pipes

    · Damp walls or unsealed windows

    · Breathing (!)

  • How does a dehumidifier work?

    DeLonghi produce dehumidifiers that operate on one of two operating principles –

    Refrigerant types

    Air is drawn into the machine from all over the house (providing there is free air flow i.e. doors open). Water is removed from the air by passing over a refrigerated evaporator and the warm dry air is released to the atmosphere.

    • A fan sucks in moisture laden air and draws it first through a filter removing house dust particles. This helps to ease allergies.
    • The air is then carried along to the evaporator which runs very cold. At this cold temperature moisture is not able to stay in the air and condenses into water droplets which collect in a container below.
    • The cool, dried (dehumidified) air is then passed to the condenser (which runs hot) to warm the air before returning it to the room, resulting in warm, dry and filtered air in the atmosphere of your home.

    All De'Longhi models have a humidistat that allows you to set the degree of relative humidity that you feel most comfortable with. The humidistat will switch the machine on and off accordingly to maintain the desired humidity level. Humidistats also help save on running costs as you do not need to have it running on full power all the time.

    Desiccant types

    The desiccant dehumidification process uses a special humidity-absorbing material (known as a desiccant) to extract moisture from the air passed against it. The now saturated material then passes to a different position where the saturation is driven off by heating.

    To achieve this, DeLonghi desiccant types set the absorbing material within a large slowly rotating wheel, passing the separate de-humidifying and drying stages as a continual cycle.

    Desiccant dehumidifiers are ideal solution in high humidity, low temperature situations where refrigerants’ are less effective.


  • My dehumidifier is not collecting water

    If your dehumidifier is not collecting water please carry out the following checks:

    • Increase the heat in the room to ideally 18 to 20 degrees centigrade.
    • Clean the filter
    • Move the dehumidifier to another area for a short time
    • Increase the humidistat to a higher setting.

    If the unit is not collecting water the environment may not have a high enough humidity level.

    If the dehumidifier is considered not to be functioning correctly, please take your product to the nearest service centre.

    A list of De’Longhi approved repair agents can be viewed by clicking on the following link:


  • The tank light will not go out

    If the tank light on your dehumidifier will not go out please check the following:A DEM10 tank

    • Remove the tank, ensure it is empty, and replace firmly.
    • Check the fill level float is the correct way up (certain models). This part indicates when the tank is full.
    • If your dehumidifier is new, the float lever may have become dislocated during transit. It has been designed for ease of removal for cleaning the tank. Refit the float.

    If this has been unsuccessful you may need the assistance of a repair centre.

    A list of De’Longhi approved repair agents can be viewed by clicking on the following link:


  • Why is the low temperature/ standby light showing?

    The low temperature light will show when the temperature in the surrounding area is 18 degrees centigrade or lower. This happens because cooler air cannot be effectively dehumidified. Your machine may still work during this time but it will work much less effectively.

    It may be worth checking the filter is clear as this can affect the operation.

    Increase the heat in the area and the light will go off.

  • How noisy is a dehumidifier?

    Delonghi dehumidifiers are very quiet, with noise levels equivalent to a ceiling fan or similar.

    The quietest operating dehumidifier is the DNC65 - only 34 dB(A) -  which uses a ceramic disc technology instead of a compressor. More details can be found on our website.

  • How much electricity does a dehumidifier use?

    Dehumidifiers use very little electricity in comparison to many other household appliances. In fact, our dehumidifiers use less than 250W of power on a maximum setting.

    The DNC65 uses more power at 520W but uses a new technology without refrigerant gas and is the quietest of our models.

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