AC 230

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  •  Air Quality System (AQS): constantly samples the air while the machine is on.  Colour LED indicator provides intuitive feedback on the air quality
  • GAS&ODOUR sensor: when the sensor captures particles of smoke and gas, the fan accelerate to clean the air quickly and more efficiently
  • XL PRE-FILTER: Washable, re-usable
  • XL HEPA FILTER: effective against dust particles as small as 0.3 micrometer in diameter
  • XL CARBON FILTER: effective against various harmful gases and odours, thanks to the properties of active carbons
  • XL SILVER ION FILTER: effective against bacteria
  • XL TiO2 FILTER + UV light: very effective against all air impurities, the UV light has the ability to destroy the cells of the particles that are collected by this special photo-catalyst filter
  • IONISER - it neutralises the particles of dust, pollen, car fumes and smoke contained in the air
  • Control panel with Senor Touch Screen