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  • I require more information on the De'Longhi Air Purifier

    De’Longhi have developed state-of-the-art Air Purifiers with an Air Quality System that analyses and tells you the quality of air in your home.

    With up to 5 layers of effective filtration, plus ioniser, a De’Longhi Air Purifier helps you to breathe easier in the home:

    • Captures pet hair, dust, pollen and mould allergens
    • Removal of bad odours or unpleasant cooking smells
    • Removal of cigarette smoke and air pollution
    • Eliminate airborne bacteria (such as E.Coli) and viruses
    • Quiet fan operation for use in bedrooms to improve night-time respiration
    • Auto-fan adapts to the quality of air for efficient purification
    • Low energy consumption

    All De’Longhi Air Purifiers come with a 2 year guarantee and are accredited by the British Allergy Foundation. Please see our promotional video for further information:

    For current stockists please see the website at

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