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  • I require more information on the De'Longhi Air Purifier

    De’Longhi have developed state-of-the-art Air Purifiers with an Air Quality System that analyses and tells you the quality of air in your home.

    With up to 5 layers of effective filtration, plus ioniser, a De’Longhi Air Purifier helps you to breathe easier in the home:

    • Captures pet hair, dust, pollen and mould allergens
    • Removal of bad odours or unpleasant cooking smells
    • Removal of cigarette smoke and air pollution
    • Eliminate airborne bacteria (such as E.Coli) and viruses
    • Quiet fan operation for use in bedrooms to improve night-time respiration
    • Auto-fan adapts to the quality of air for efficient purification
    • Low energy consumption

    All De’Longhi Air Purifiers come with a 2 year guarantee and are accredited by the British Allergy Foundation. Please see our promotional video for further information:

    For current stockists please see the website at

  • What does the Ionizer do?

    Air Ionizers send molecular particles into the room which clean the air. The ions attach to oxygen in the air and create a negative charge.

    Once it becomes a negative ion it attaches itself to dust, smoke, odour and pollen and creates a cluster. This cluster is then pulled back by the ionizer and captured within the filter.

    All De'Longhi air purifiers include an ionizer and a washable pre filter.

  • Where can I purchase filters for my air purifier?

    Replacement filters may be available from the retailer where you purchased your product. They are also available from De'Longhi Spares.

    Spares and accessories for De’Longhi products, including many older products, are available from De’Longhi Spares via their website at Alternatively they can be contacted by calling 0844 557 6438.

    In either case please have your model number ready when ordering, which typically can be identified on the underside of the unit.

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