Cuban Espresso

Cuban Espresso

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Café Cubano, or Cafecito, is a type of espresso that originated in Cuba soon after Italian espresso machines had started to appear in the country. It is sweet and strong and offers the perfect mid afternoon hit.


  • Espresso 
  • 1 -2 heaped teaspoon of sugar
  • Pre-warmed espresso cup

  1. Add one or two teaspoons to a  pre-warmed espresso cup or glass
  2. Add one short shot of espresso and stir until creamy

Tip: Adjust the sweetness to your taste. If you are unable to achieve the creamy sugar foam add a few drops of espresso first and then beat into the sugar mixture. Tip with the rest of your espresso and stir. 

For authentic results use a Cuban coffee blend. 

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