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  • My pump espresso machine is vibrating a lot. What can I do to rectify this?

    Some vibration is normal. If the pump espresso maker is vibrating too much please check the feet on the bottom are intact as these dampen the vibration. If feet are damaged or missing placing a tea towel beneath the machine will dampen the vibration until the problem can be rectified.

    If this is on first use, and no water is coming out of the boiler head you may have an air block, and to resolve this you should open the steam arm until water starts to flow through the steam arm for at least 30 seconds.

    Older machines may require a descale. If none of these suggestions have rectified the problem please take the machine to your nearest service agent.

    A list of De’Longhi approved repair agents can be viewed by clicking on the following link:


  • Can you give me any advice on setting up my new Icona Pump Espresso machine?

    Please take a look at our tutorial video which shows the initial set up of your Icona range of pump espresso. This tutorial is suitable for any of our pump espresso range.

  • How do I froth milk using the traditional milk frother?

    The traditional frother can take a bit of practice. First of all, ensure the milk is fresh and at refrigerator temperature. Use a stainless steel carafe so you can feel the temperature of the milk.

    In order to make perfect cappuccino dip the tip of the traditional milk frother into the milk. When the appliance is ready carefully rotate the steam valve until it is fully open. This will froth the milk.

    Next, when you have achieved enough froth, use your free hand to feel the carafe temperature. Alternatively use a thermometer. Never heat the milk over 70 degrees as this will affect the quality of the frothed milk. It is also possible to froth milk in this way for excellent hot chocolate and malt drinks.

    Each time you finish milk delivery allow a little steam to flush through the frother, and remember to clean the removable nozzles thoroughly with a little washing up liquid. Rinse and dry thoroughly before reassembling.



  • How do I make an espresso with my pump espresso machine?

    The tutorial video below will show you how to make your first espresso:

  • What is Crema?

    A Crema is the creamy foam produced when the coffee comes through the machine into the cup.  

    A good crema is thick and lasts for several minutes, it should also cover the surface of the coffee.

    For more information about coffee including recipes, hints and tips and machine information please our website www.seriousaboutcoffee.com.

  • Where can I buy ESE Pods for my pump espresso machine?

    ESE (Easy Serve Espresso) pods can be purchased from larger supermarkets, specialist coffee shops, and at various online retailers. Most coffee retailers offer a huge selection of brands at very competitive prices.

    Any good espresso is recommended. ESE pods are similar to a tea bag but are packed tightly with ground coffee and are an easy way of delivering excellent espresso coffee. These coffee pods are single portioned and require no manual tamping. Each one will deliver the same texture, consistency and flavour.

    Once used the pods can be composted, or added to your garden, as coffee provides good organic material for your plants.

    Our 'How To' video shows you how to use ESE pods with your machine:

  • Why can I not straighten the filter handle on my new pump espresso?

    Traditional pump espresso machines do not require the filter handle to be at a right angle in order to function normally.

    Tighten the handle firmly at a level you can manage and you will be able to make espressos. After two or three uses you may find the seal has softened considerably.

    As long as the handle is firmly attached when making coffee the machine will operate normally.


  • Why is my pump espresso machine making a loud buzzing noise?

    If your pump espresso maker is new, or has not been used for some time, there may be air in the system. Please carry out the following simple steps to rectify this problem:

    • Place a cup underneath the traditional frother
    • Switch the machine on
    • Open the steam valve fully, and leave open for at least thirty seconds.
    • Do not be alarmed if the machine vibrates or is noisy initially.
    • After 30 seconds, and once water has begun to pour from the traditional frother, close the steam valve fully.
    • You are now ready to deliver coffee.

    If your machine is more than a few months old and it is unable to deliver coffee it may need descaling. Please follow the instructions in your manual and clean the coffee delivery area and filters as instructed. Ensure the traditional frother nozzles are clean and free from milk residue.

    For more information please see our tutorial guide below.

  • Why is the coffee coming out too slowly?

    • There may be too much coffee in the filter. It should be one level scoop for a single espresso.
    • When pressing the coffee with the tamper do not press as firmly.
    • If your machine is over a month old it may require descaling or the filters may require cleaning.
  • Why is the coffee overflowing from the edges of the filter?

    There may be an excess amount of ground coffee in the filter preventing the correct delivery of water through the system and therefore overflowing.

    Alternatively, check the filter handle has been properly tightened.

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