Melody 3 EDG 420.BL

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EDG 420.BL Manuals/ FAQs/ Support

  • I require assistance with my Dolce Gusto machine

    For advice and assistance in relation to Delonghi Dolce Gusto coffee makers please contact the Dolce Gusto Customer Helpline by calling 0800 707 6066.

  • I require assistance with my Nespresso coffee machine

    De’Longhi Nespresso machines carry a two year guarantee, subject to terms and conditions. Please keep your receipt as this will form the basis of your guarantee.

    For advice and assistance please contact the Nespresso Club directly on 0800 442 442. They can also be contacted through their website at

    Instruction manuals can be downloaded here.


  • Why is the coffee overflowing from the edges of the filter?

    There may be an excess amount of ground coffee in the filter preventing the correct delivery of water through the system and therefore overflowing.

    Alternatively, check the filter handle has been properly tightened.

  • I require assistance with my De’Longhi cooker or hob

    For all enquiries on Delonghi cookers or hobs please contact the Cooker Repair and Advice Hotline by calling 0843 362 1934.

    Alternatively you can email them at


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