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  • What is filter coffee?

    Filter or drip coffee is made by hot water passing through ground coffee.

    Hot water is filtered solely under the pull of gravity. When water comes into contact with ground coffee, the flavours, colour and aroma from the coffee are extracted and dissolved in the water. This is known as extraction.

    It is important to use ground coffee suitable for filter machines, and not espresso coffee, because it has been specially prepared for the purpose. There are many excellent brands to choose from, which are available from your local coffee specialist or supermarket.

  • How important is the type of coffee I use?

    The type of coffee is dependent on your own taste, although care should be taken to ensure the type of grind is suitable for the machine you will be using.  

    For pump espresso machine use a finer espresso coffee, and for filter machines use a coarser coffee blend suited for filter coffee machines. Most coffee is labelled to ensure you are able to select the correct type of coffee.

    However the best coffee in the world will not taste to its fullest unless the delivery of the coffee is exceptional. Please see the related questions for more details on how to ensure the very best results from your choice of coffee.

  • Can you give me any advice on setting up my new Icona Pump Espresso machine?

    Please take a look at our tutorial video which shows the initial set up of your Icona range of pump espresso. This tutorial is suitable for any of our pump espresso range.

  • How do I descale my pump espresso machine?

    Regular descaling your machine is an important part of caring for it and will prolong the life of your pump espresso. Please follow these simple steps: 

    • Place 100ml of De’Longhi descaler in to the water tank and add one litre of water to dilute.
    • Place the tank on the machine and a container under the traditional frother.
    • Open the steam valve and allow some descaler to feed through the traditional frother. After a around ten seconds close the steam valve and allow the solution to sit in the machine for five minutes or so. Repeat until the tank is empty. Close the steam valve.
    • Fill the tank with clean fresh water and open the steam valve. Allow all of the water to feed through the machine, flushing it through completely.
    • Refill the tank and allow a little water to come out of the coffee area.
    • You are now ready to make coffee again.

    If you have very hard water please carry this procedure out every month or two, depending on how many coffees you make. In soft water areas every three to six months should suffice.

    For more information see our tutorial videos on the Icona, Vintage and Motivo ranges:


  • How do I make an espresso with my pump espresso machine?

    The tutorial video below will show you how to make your first espresso:

  • My pump espresso is leaking from the milk frother. What can I do?

    If your machine is leaking from the traditional frother, please carry out the following simple checks:

    • Disassemble the traditional frother as shown in your instruction manual and ensure they are completely clean and free of milk residue.
    • Ensure the steam selector is fully closed
    • With a pin or similar, clean the inside of the traditional frother nozzle.
    • Check both o-rings are visible and intact. (These look like small o-rings).
    • If you have not descaled the machine, do so. If you are in a hard water area this should be carried out every month or two, depending on how many coffees you make each day.
    • If you are still experiencing difficulties please take your machine to the nearest repair agent. If it is under guarantee remember to bring your receipt of purchase.

    A list of De’Longhi approved repair agents can be viewed by clicking on the following link:



  • Where can I buy ESE Pods for my pump espresso machine?

    ESE (Easy Serve Espresso) pods can be purchased from larger supermarkets, specialist coffee shops, and at various online retailers. Most coffee retailers offer a huge selection of brands at very competitive prices.

    Any good espresso is recommended. ESE pods are similar to a tea bag but are packed tightly with ground coffee and are an easy way of delivering excellent espresso coffee. These coffee pods are single portioned and require no manual tamping. Each one will deliver the same texture, consistency and flavour.

    Once used the pods can be composted, or added to your garden, as coffee provides good organic material for your plants.

    Our 'How To' video shows you how to use ESE pods with your machine:

  • Which coffee recipes can I make with my new De'Longhi coffee machine?

    All of your favourite coffee recipes can be made with your De’Longhi coffee machine. For a full list of delicious coffee recipes please see our Serious About Coffee website by clicking on the following link:


    For a video tutorial on recipes our Barista Master Class Tutorial Video can be viewed here:

  • Why is my pump espresso machine making a loud buzzing noise?

    If your pump espresso maker is new, or has not been used for some time, there may be air in the system. Please carry out the following simple steps to rectify this problem:

    • Place a cup underneath the traditional frother
    • Switch the machine on
    • Open the steam valve fully, and leave open for at least thirty seconds.
    • Do not be alarmed if the machine vibrates or is noisy initially.
    • After 30 seconds, and once water has begun to pour from the traditional frother, close the steam valve fully.
    • You are now ready to deliver coffee.

    If your machine is more than a few months old and it is unable to deliver coffee it may need descaling. Please follow the instructions in your manual and clean the coffee delivery area and filters as instructed. Ensure the traditional frother nozzles are clean and free from milk residue.

    For more information please see our tutorial guide below.

  • Why is my steam wand not frothing the milk?

    Please try the following, which should rectify the problem:

    • Ensure the steam function has been selected on the control panel. 
    • Ensure the steam dial is open fully.
    • Check the milk nozzle(s) are completely clean and free of milk debris. (There will be either one or two removable milk nozzles depending on your machine). These should always be cleaned after each milk delivery session.
    • Check both o-rings are intact on the milk frother.

    These steps should rectify the problem. However if you are still experiencing an issue please take your machine to your nearest repair centre for inspection. If your product is under guarantee remember to bring your proof of purchase along with you.

    A list of De’Longhi approved repair agents can be viewed by clicking on the following link:


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