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  • I require more information about the De’Longhi coffee glasses?

    The De’Longhi double wall thermo glasses are traditionally blown and will keep drinks hot or cool.   The cappucino glasses are 10cm high, and will fit most machines.

    They are made from borosilicate glass and are dishwasher safe. They are available in sets of two glasses in the following sizes:

    • 2 Espresso Glasses (60ml capacity) –height 6cm
    • 2 Cappuccino Glasses (190ml capacity) – height 10cm
    • 2 Latte Glasses (220ml capacity) – height 12cm

    They are available from many good retailers including Delonghi Spares.

    Spares and accessories for De’Longhi products, including many older products, are available from De’Longhi Spares via their website at http://www.4delonghi.co.uk/. Alternatively they can be contacted by calling 0844 557 6438.

    In either case please have your model number ready when ordering, which typically can be identified on the underside of the unit.

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