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ESAM 6700 Manuals/ FAQs/ Support

  • Can I make hot chocolate with my bean to cup machine?

    Yes you can.   The ESAM6900 has a dedicated chocolate making function, but any bean to cup machine can be used.

    With premium machines, simply add your favourite chocolate or malt drink mixture to the cup and press the milk only button (or if applicable) latte button twice in quick succession to deliver milk only and adjust the milk carafe dial to the correct setting. Your bean to cup machine will deliver hot milk only and you can enjoy a perfect frothy hot drink every time. You can even add a shot of espresso for a delicious mocha drink.

    You can use the traditional milk frother with non premium machines. Add the chocolate or malt drink mixture to the milk in the cup and using the steam function, dip the milk frother fully into the milk and open the steam dial fully. This steams and heats the milk and chocolate mix. When the desired temperature and quantity of steam has been reached turn off the steam dial.

    Some of our machines have a dedicated hot chocolate feature. Please see our website for more information.

  • Can I make tea with my machine or just have hot water?

    There is a water spout that you can insert instead of the milk carafe on premium machines which allows you to dispense water by pressing the water only button. Please refer to your user instructions for more information. The hot water can be used for herbal infusions, tea and other hot drinks.

    For machines without a milk carafe you can dispense hot water from the traditional milk frother.

  • How can I set the language on my bean top cup machine?

    Please see our tutorial video guide on how to set the language on your bean to cup machine.






  • How can I use pre-ground coffee with my bean to cup machine?

    Your De'Longhi bean to cup machine has a ground coffee function, which is perfect for using an alternative coffee to your usual choice of beans, for example if you like to drink decaffeinated coffee on occasion.

    It is important to note that only one single serving of coffee can be delivered at a time and only when the machine is set to the pre ground function. The following steps may help:

    • Set the machine to pre-ground coffee. This can be done by either turning the strength dial anticlockwise to the spoon sign or by selecting the option on the electronic display, depending on the model of your machine. Refer to your instruction manual for more information, or see the tutorial video below.
    • Add one even scoop of coffee and press the one cup button to deliver the coffee.
    • Remember to set the machine back to grind beans afterwards if required.

    For further assistance, please see our tutorial video:


  • How do I adjust the grinder to a courser setting?

    To decrease the strength of your coffee the grinder can be adjusted. Please carry out the following steps to decrease the grinder setting:

    • The grinder dial can be located inside the bean container.
    • Deliver a coffee.
    • Whilst the machine is grinding increase the setting by one notch towards the 7. Please only adjust the grinder one notch at a time and only while the grinder is operating.
    • It may take a few coffees before the adjustment will take effect.

    For further assistance please see our tutorial video on the subject:


  • How do I adjust the grinder to a finer setting?

    To increase the strength of your coffee the grinder can be adjusted. Please carry out the following steps:

    • The grinder dial is located inside the bean hopper.
    • Deliver a coffee.
    • Whilst the machine is grinding decrease the setting by one notch towards the 1. Please only adjust the grinder one notch at a time and only while the grinder is in operation.
    • It may take a few coffees before the adjustment will take effect.

    For further assistance please see our tutorial video on the subject:


  • How do I descale my Premium Bean to Cup machine?

    Descaling is an important part of caring for your bean to cup machine. Descaling is required when the digital display indicates “descale”. The frequency of descaling will depend on the hardness of the water in your area. Please follow the step by step instructions below.

    • Add De’Longhi Descaler to the tank and dilute to approximately 1ltr of water. Fit the tank.
    • Fit the water spout to your machine and  select the Descale option from the menu (Press P and scroll through the options).
    • Place a receptacle with a capacity of 1.5 litres under the water spout.
    • Press OK to confirm you are ready to begin the descale.
    • The machine will start descaling. This process will pause and restart over a period of 20 to 30 minutes.
    • The ‘Fill Tank’ message comes on.
    • Empty and replace the receptacle.
    • Rinse the tank out and then fill with fresh water.
    • Fit the tank.
    • Press OK to confirm you wish to continue.
    • Once the rinse cycle has finished remove the tank and fill with fresh water.

    The descale light will go out and the machine is now ready to make coffee.

    De’Longhi descaling fluid and other cleaning accessories are available from De’Longhi spares.

    Spares and accessories for De’Longhi products, including many older products, are available from De’Longhi Spares via their website at Alternatively they can be contacted by calling 0844 557 6438.

    In either case please have your model number ready when ordering, which typically can be identified on the underside of the unit.

    For further assistance please see our tutorial video on the subject:


  • My milk carafe is spluttering or not frothing. What can I do?

    If your milk carafe is spluttering, or not frothing, please see the tutorial video below or carry out the following recommendations:

    • Check the setting is on the correct level for the type of drink you are making.
    • Check all o-rings are present on the connector.
    • Soak the milk carafe cover, tube and carafe in hot water and a good brand of washing up liquid for up to 20 minutes if it has been a while since the last soak. With a small brush clean everywhere possible. The carafe can usually be dismantled – please see the instructions for your machine. Rinse the carafe with warm water.
    • Alternatively, put 10ml of De’Longhi milk cleaner into the carafe, and add 90ml of hot water. Place a cup underneath the nozzle, and press the ‘clean’ button on the jug. Then double tap the Cappuccino or Latte button on your machine, or the 'Milk' button, in order to deliver only milk. Wait until all of the solution has passed through the jug. Rinse the carafe, add water, and repeat.
    • Use a small brush or cloth to clean the milk carafe outlet on the appliance. You can use De’Longhi IFD (Instant Frothing Device) oil to keep the outlet lubricated.
    • Milk delivery should now be rectified.

    Please note the ‘Clean’ button or dial should be activated after every milk delivery session. We would recommend the carafe cover is cleaned once a week. The De’Longhi milk cleaner should be used regularly. This will prolong the life of your milk delivery system. Our coffee care kits can be purchased from many good retailers and also from our website:

    For further assistance, please see our tutorial video:

    Cleaning the Milk Container:

  • The grinder is noisy. What can I do?

    If the grinder is noisy and not grinding beans there may be a stone from the coffee beans in the grinder. The following steps will rectify the problem:

    • Remove the beans from the container.
    • Use a vacuum cleaner to remove any foreign objects from the bean hopper.
    • Refill with a small amount of beans, and deliver a coffee to ensure the blockage is cleared.
    • Press the one cup button to check the grinder is clear.

    This is likely to resolve the noise, however if you still require assistance please contact the Customer Experience department using the Contact Us link below. Please remember to complete all of the requested information.

  • What is the temperature of the milk on an automatic bean to cup machine?

    Automatic milk heating and frothing carafes designed by De’Longhi will heat the milk to a temperature that optimally preserves the flavour and aroma of the milk and therefore the entire coffee drink.  When milk is over-heated it degrades the “fresh” properties of the natural fats and proteins.  This results in a UHT-milk flavour and aroma that is considered undesirable when fresh milk is used. 

    The milk heating and frothing is created by accurately channelling steam from the machine and air being mixed with refrigerated (4-5°C) milk.  As coffee is delivered at a higher temperature to the frothed milk you can change the temperature of your coffee in the following manner:

    1. Increase the coffee temperature in the menu setting (see your instruction manual)
    2. Increase the amount of coffee delivered to your cup and reduce the amount of milk (see programming your milk drink in your instructions)

    Pre-heating your coffee cup also limits your coffee drink dropping in temperature.

    For extensive advice, tutorial videos and assistance with your product, please see our advanced tutorials at:

    Also, our YouTube 'How to' channel can be found at:

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