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  • My coffee is too weak. How can I improve it?

    There are several factors that can affect  the taste. Please check these suggestions to see if they help:

    • You may be adding too much water. The perfect espresso (single shot) is around 30ml to 40ml of liquid. Adding water results in an Americano type coffee. It may be advisable to use two shots of espresso in a larger cup. Coffee recipes can be found at
    • The type of coffee can affect strength. De'Longhi would recommend a good espresso coffee. Origin and blend (i.e. whether it is robusta or arabica), and the darkness of the roast affect strength.
    • The grind may be too coarse. The grind can be decreased one notch at a time during the grinding process.
    • Try increasing the strength of coffee on your machine settings which will increase the amount of coffee during the grinding process.  

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