Magnifica S ECAM 23.450.SL

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ECAM 23.450.SL Manuals/FAQs

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How do I descale my fully automatic coffee machine?

All of our fully automatic coffee machines have a dedicated descaling process.We recommend using our De’Longhi descaling solution, which is designed specifically for our machines. Please refer to the instruction manual for more information about how to descale your particular unit.


Can I make tea with my fully automatic machine?

Yes, all of our fully automatic coffee machines can provide hot water for tea.


How can I set the language or reset the chosen language on my fully automatic coffee machine?

The language change setting can be found in the display menu. For full instructions, please refer to the user manual.


How can I use pre-ground coffee with my fully automatic coffee maker?

Your De'Longhi fully automatic coffee maker has a ground coffee function, which is perfect for using an alternative coffee to your usual choice of beans. 
It is important to note that only one single serving of coffee (one scoop only) can be delivered at a time and only when the machine is set to the pre ground function.


How do I adjust the coffee grinder?

The grinder dial is located inside the bean container.
For a coarse grind setting:

  • While the machine is grinding, increase the setting by one notch towards the 7.

For a fine grind setting:

  • While the machine is grinding increase the setting by one notch towards the 1. 

Please Note: Only adjust the grinder one notch a a time and only while the grinder is operating. It may take a few coffees before the adjustment will take effect.


How do I insert the water filter?

  • First, remove the filter from the packaging. 
  • Place the filter under a faucet and fill with water to remove any air. 
  • Fill the water tank and place the filter horizontally inside the water tank until all the air bubbles have stopped. 
  • Insert the water filter vertically into the water filter location.

 How often should I have my fully automatic coffee maker serviced?

Servicing requirement is based on the usage and care of the machine. Keeping your machine clean and descaled is the single most important thing you can do for it.
Should your unit require service, please contact our toll free number or refer to our service center section here on our website.

 I have a missing part on my new fully automatic coffee machine. What can I do?

Please contact our toll free number (For US 1-866-528-8323; For Canada 1-888-335-6644).