90cm Freestanding Oven with Electric Cooktop DEF905EX1

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  • Made In Italy

    Made In Italy

    DeLonghi ovens and cooktops have been made in Italy for over 65 years. Coming from a long tradition of design and manufacturing excellence, only the finest quality materials are used, ensuring the product is robust, durable, and produces excellent cooking performance with unmistakeable Italian style.

  • Stainless Steel Fat Filter

    Stainless Steel Fat Filter

    An included accessory installed in front of the fan helps to keep the fan clean and protects it from fat and oil splatter.

  • Door And Oven Cooling System

    Door And Oven Cooling System

    DeLonghi ovens are equipped with an innovative cooling system. The system is designed to minimise heat transfer, by circulating cool air around the door and oven. This sytem ensures the external surface of the oven remains cool to touch.

  • Accessory Storage Compartment

    Accessory Storage Compartment

    The bottom compartment of the oven opens for accessory storage.

  • Ceramic Cooking

    Ceramic Cooking

    The heating element is formed of a coil of resistant material which reaches the working temperature quickly. Set in black frameless bevelled glass, these cooktops are simple to clean with minimalistic design.

  • Durastone Plus Enamel

    Durastone Plus Enamel

    The oven cavity is made from our Durastone Plus enamel. This enamel has a higher glass content. The smooth surface reduces oil and fat build up. Cleaning is as quick as a wipe with a cloth soaked in a small amount of dishwashing liquid after each use.